Free World Illusion

This is kinda protest song meditating on that we are not free in what we consider free democratic world.

Feel free to click the 'Play' arrow of the above player and listen.
The lyrics:

People say we're livin' in a free world 
Freedom's granted everybody human rights as well 
We are free enjoyin' our free lives
Legal system guarantees equality before the law

But there's a serious limitation
our freedom to be efficient
We must have sufficient
Amount of money

We believe that this is our free world
Let's enjoy free market and the democratic rules
We can vote and control our free lives
Legal staff and government should care for our rights

But it is just an illusion 
our freedom is only a fake
We are mere slaves
Just slaves of money 

Our world's free but only for money
People's freedom's limited by how much they have cash
Why should all be humble slaves of money
Money shall be serving people and not ruling them 

Of course love is more than money
Don't wanna be slave of any loan
I am not alone
Love's over money 

Love's over money 

We don't wanna be slaves of money
Do believe that we can back away
We shall rather stay
Just slaves of lovin'!

Free World Illusion music video

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