Here we would like to tell you about our project, describe our mission, vision, achievements and accomplishments. We also mention our plans for the future.

So who or what is Key Clef Crew? Well, it is an independent band making original music belonging somewhere to the alternative - rock - pop - jazz genres. Better say, it is up to fans and reviewers to categorize the music appropriately :)

Currently, Key Clef Crew is basically a studio project conducted by Stefan the songwriter and recording engineer and producer working with various session musicians and, first of all, Henrieta the superb guest singer providing incommutable vocals for our tracks. 

As the time goes Key Clef Crew is about to evolve into a real performing band to bring fun to our fans.
Well, the Crew is just coming together...

Welcome to our home site!
This is Key Clef Crew, an independent alternative pop/rock/jazzy band, actually currently mainly a studio project.

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